#104 Listener Wisdom


This week we have a special episode where Shannon and Sharon share wisdom from Bruce Lee Podcast listeners. We asked for our listeners to share their #BruceLeeMoments and we’ve gotten emails from around the world!

Shannon and Sharon love reading the stories about how Bruce Lee has affected so many people’s lives. It is wonderful when listeners share their wisdom and insights they’ve gained from listening to the Bruce Lee Podcast. By implementing Bruce Lee’s philosophy into their lives, people are staying present, being in flow, and living life authentically.

Thank you to all of our listeners for sharing your wisdoms and insights! We appreciate you and support you in your journey towards self-actualization. Be water, my friend.

From Aaron:

"The phrase “speed up by slowing down” hit me hard because now that I’ve done this I’ve actually got a shit ton more accomplished because I’m present, and focused on what’s in front of me, and aware of my surroundings so results have been coming a lot quicker.

I’ve been training myself for 30 minutes each morning to focus on my breath count. For the nervous system to stay in parasympathetic the count is about 4 seconds in, 4 seconds out, and when I do this I literally feel my whole life slow down and I immediately become present.

The cool thing is now that I’ve been practicing this for about a year I can actually tell when my body comes out of parasympathetic (flow) and I stop and get my self back in there. So the days are so rad cuz I’m mostly living them in parasympathetic state."

From Franck:

"About the notion of freeing ourselves from our fetters and other comfortable habits, for me it really sounds like that we have to free ourselves from our selves. We get stuck to an idea, an image of who we think we are, but it is all temporary... and we need to accept to "die" in some ways each and everyday ... I have been training in Gracie Jiujitsu since 2006, and yesterday after listening to your “conquer yourself “podcast, I felt for the first time the benefit of tapping out to my training partners, I kind of happy... because indeed this is how we change an learn, this is our little death to become something else on tap at the time."

From Julie:

“Maybe that’s the gift of a long life”

"This small but simple line in podcast #91 hit extremely home for me. I had to pause the podcast and feel this statement. I lost my boyfriend to suicide four years ago. He was not only the kindest person I had ever met, but also the most gifted. From a very early age he studied programming, and there was nothing in this field he could not tackle. I was always so envious of his gift as I have spent most of my life wandering and confused on exactly what I want to do. In the time following his suicide, I continued to struggle with why I am still here when such a focused individual was lost. Your comment helped me so much in providing a different and profound change in perspective. You provided an insight into one of the most difficult feelings. I appreciate that, thank you.

You mentioned Brandon’s light in podcast #91, and it absolutely showed through in his movies. The lightness and charisma he carried with him was easily transferred via interviews and performances. It inspired me to find more about him, his work, and his life. I found out about Bruce Lee through Brandon Lee at an early age in my life, and have studied his philosophies and Asian cultures ever since.

I am so thankful that I found the Bruce Lee podcast during another difficult time in my life. Because of this podcast I have begun to try and give myself a better path forward, and find the lightness in my life once again. I have learned how to set goals, and created a system that works for me. Although I still struggle with lingering grief, and a difficult job situation, I have found hope in working on myself.”

From Alexis:

"I told my friend, one day, when it comes to fitness, I like to think of it as being a warrior in training because it makes it sound badass. I applied that idea to my other, health, fitness, and life goals that I have set for myself. I wrote down all my doubts, excuses and every life lesson I learned that I wished not to repeat and came up with solutions to all of them. I called it my “training manual” and in it I called myself “Alexis the warrior princess”. (No disrespect to true warriors). I did this because I believe we all have it within us to overcome any obstacle and find our purpose, our true self. I wanted the process be fun and feel more purposeful. I wanted it to be easier to stick to the plan than it is to fall for the excuses. [As one of the solutions, I found a personal trainer that was willing to try out a plan that I came up with that will hold me accountable but is also time and cost effective. She liked it so much that she is now thinking of using my idea as a pilot program to help others!]

Two months later, I saw the title of the Bruce Lee podcast, “Becoming a Warrior”. I think I might have gasped out loud! I couldn't believe what I was hearing! But, really, I can believe it. I am not at all surprised that Bruce Lee’s philosophies have come back into my life at a time when I really need it.

I have overcome many challenges to get to where I am today. I am about to graduate from college (at age 49!). I accomplished things I never thought I would be able to do, in my career, in my studies, in martial arts, and in music. My accomplishments may not seem like a big deal to some people, but they are HUGE to me! I got here because whenever I doubted myself, whenever I faced an obstacle or a challenge, whenever I wanted to give up, somehow Bruce Lee and his wisdom found it’s way to me. Little by little, quote by quote, he got me through. Funny thing is, in some ways, we think a lot alike. The journey has not been easy, for sure. But, I persevered and I'm grateful for all of my experiences, even the difficult ones, because they have made me a stronger person. Now, I don’t really see problems in my life the way some people do. I just see them as information. Just like excuses are information. It’s all just information, letting us know we have to adjust something in our lives to get us on or keep us on our intended path.

Now that I am about to embark on a new phase of my life, here you are again! Just when I need you! Thank you all for helping me through the toughest times in my life. Thank you for always being there when I needed you. Thank you for the support and the encouragement I needed to keep me going. I truly hope some day I can inspire people the way you have inspired me.”

From Kofi:

"I’ve been on a journey of discovery these last few years to gain a better understanding of what feeds my soul to understand my raison d’être. Thankfully this has become clearer to me through listening to the spaces between the noise and taking the time out for myself. One of the biggest influences that I have taken away from the podcast is journaling. I have reconnected with it but from a more authentic place than I did in the past.

Thank you Sharon and Shannon for all that you have done. You are conduits of your father’s philosophy and perfect ones at that. What I find most fascinating is that although your father passed away when you were 4, your understanding of his philosophy and ability to communicate it to the world by some serendipitous circumstance is perfection - harmonious. If his calling was to create this wonderful philosophy part of your calling has definitely been to communicate it to the world. Thank you."

From Rob:

"I have practised martial arts for a good part of my life and currently I'm studying Krav Maga. Just recently though I had dislocated my left shoulder while I was sparring at class. I went to the emergency room and it was about two hours until it was back in the socket. I'm a tall man and I've kept myself in shape all my life so much so that the doctor told me it was the hardest reset he had ever done and he needed to other nurses to set it.

Well the days that passed were a little tough on the psyche because the thoughts of "what if I did" and "why now?" came creeping in. Physicality and presence is an aspect of who I am just like Bruce. I realized that these types of thoughts weren't going to help me recover. I had thought about when Bruce had the catastrophic back injury and how his resilience and determination had pulled him through it. If Bruce can do it I can as well!

My doc had said I won't recover for about 8 months or so. I would not accept that prognosis. I know I can become healthy and be smart in doing it. Currently I'm in rehab/PT for the injury and I have made really good gains and I have full rotation in the joint now and I have made good strength gains in the surrounding muscles. I've surprised my technicians that are working with me.

This injury is just an obstacle, I can butt heads with it or I can “be and flow like water" with it, I can go around it. My shoulder is hurt not my whole body. So I train and exercise with the uninjured parts. I can still kick, punch with my other arm, move, etc. I won't let this stop me like Bruce's injury didn't stop him.

This experience has given me time to reflect and learn. Isn't that what life is all about? To learn and grow as a human being is what it is all about. I could let this injury stop me in my tracks, but like Bruce; I choose to use this to make me a better person and wiser person, I choose to "walk on" and strive for excellence just like Bruce."

From Robbie:

"I’ve had many teachers that taught me about various subjects in life but your dad’s teachings really flipped the switch for me. As a result, I started thing bigger beyond perceived limitations and it’s been exhilarating to have opened my mind up to the point of challenging those limits.

I am in deep gratitude for the work you are doing to continue your father’s work."

Thank you for practicing Bruce Lee’s philosophy and listening to the Bruce Lee Podcast!

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